“Dream, Find, Own, invest”

“Dream your real estate unit, find it through DMV, own it easily, gain investment”
Welcome to the world of DMV (real estate valley) the biggest primary real estate database in Egypt

Our Core Values


DMV offers a professional property consultant team with more than 21 years of experience in real estate and project management fields inside and outside Egypt


DMV offers you the real advice honestly  according to their vision through a real estate consultant, financial analysis, and legal advice


DMV is the integration of marketing of the most well-known projects in the middle east and the consultant of experts in real estate and project management fields


invent a new strategy to know what are you searching for and what is the best way to reach it with the simplest way, fast time, and a few steps through professional property consultants


Promise to take you on a journey at the end of this journey you will achieve what you’re searching for even consulting or real estate unit

DMV-Holding mission

DMV-Holding is a platform offers special unique and integrated real estate (technical, financial, legal and general) services and consultations in real estate field for both clients and developers as well.

DMV-Holding offers you the best opportunity to know all details about real estate, that will guide and help you to get the best investment or usage of your private real estate (unit/asset).

DMV-Holding vision 

DMV-Holding was established to match the growing needs of luxury primary real estate projects with a distinguished level that provides the best choice of residential, administrative, commercial, medical, hotels, and coastal units.

DMV-Holding aim 

DMV-Holding aims to help you to know what are you searching for and what is the best way to reach it with the simplest way, quickest time, and a few steps through advanced analyses and evaluations offered – for the 1st time – by professional engineers, property consultants and advisors all over 365 day per year.

DMV-Holding services

(www.DMV-Holding.com) is a platform, owned by (DMV – Holding). It contains all types of primary real estate units in Egypt, and for the 1st time, it provides unique services such as contacting with all developers any time you request, and you will get free consultations contains advanced analysis, evaluation and forecasted figures about your real estate (unit / investment) based on technical and financial criteria taking into consideration several parameters such as inflation ratio, regular annual prices’ increase, developer name and prequalification , project location & duration, facilities , engineering design, and complete financial investment analysis i.e.(ROI, Equivalent selling price, Capital Appreciation, Breakeven Point, Complete Assessment, Cash Flow ……. )

***All Services including Evaluations & Assessments are for free***

DMV-Holding Consultant Team

Aprofessional Engineers and property consultants team with more than 21 years of experience in real estate marketing, sales and project management fields inside and outside Egypt, will serve you all over 365 days per year.

DMV-Holding Experience Map

DMV-Holding consultant team have a robust experience in below countries:

Middle East:       (Egypt, KSA, UAE, Qatar)

Europe:               (France, Germany, UK)

North America:  (USA)

Contact E Mails

For more info, please visit www.DMV-Holding.com

Or you can reach us through our mail: Info@DMV-Holding.com

Location: 4th Floor, Tower 119, One Kattameya, Cairo

Map Location:  https://goo.gl/maps/uAHPKZxvR1hMvVkQ6

Working Hours from 10 AM till 6 PM from Sunday till Thursday – Local Time